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Charity coffee makes a difference.

Who We Are

Cozzee™, a hybrid word for coffee and a cause, is the new, socially conscious way to drink amazing coffee. We sell specialty coffee online from the best coffee producing regions of the world and allow our customers to impact the world by giving away all of the profits from their purchase (that’s right, all) to a cause that they choose. We partner with nonprofit organizations that are leading the fight in seven different cause areas affecting our world today: Water & Wells, Food & Farming, Shirts & Shoes, Health & Healing, Rescue & Restore, Shelter & Stability, and Justice & Jury.  Charity coffee from Cozzee makes a difference, one cup at a time.

Who Are You?

Your Coffee

How do you make your coffee?

 pour-over/drip french press cold brew espresso

Your Cause

What causes do you care about?

 water & wells food & farming shirts & shoes health & healing rescue & restoration shelter & stability justice & jury